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The passion Mark feels for not only wood in general, but specifically native New Zealand wood, can only be described as spiritual.  Each plank has a history etched within its grain, and Mark is the man who can interpret it.  He exposes stunning rorschach-esque patterns in his products, reminiscent of a jeweller excavating diamond from a rock.  Like all art forms the power of each piece lies far beneath the visual, extending into the historical, emotional, and personal.  The effect Mark’s art has on a person depends on the viewer of course, and their level of interest in the piece.  A basic curiosity however will reveal the depth of Marks investment into his work.

The diverse nature of New Zealand’s native forest flora has attracted botanists from around the globe for centuries.  Mark’s work with New Zealand timber however, is on a more personal level rather than scientific.  His woodcraft connects him to his heritage, and in turn fuels a respect and love for New Zealand that he is passionate about sharing.  So far Mark has correctly identified 43 native timbers, and seeks to eventually showcase all of our native woods in the form of decorative inlay.

This decorative fern displayed on the door of his workbench is a prime example of Marks artistry and commitment to his work.  It took 3 days to produce and contains Kohekohe, Hoheria and Totara.

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